Bookworm’s Nook: “I’m forever humbled by the written word.”

Bookworm’s Nook:

an avid reader’s perspective

Hello and welcome, Jordanna East!

Would you like to share a bit about yourself?

My “real” name is Ava Jordanna Easterby, but Jordanna East sounds catchier. *Cue eye wink* I started writing one day when I was broke and unemployed. My cable had been turned off and I was BORED. So I sat on my bed and started writing. I only got as far as nine chapters, but in 2012 I dove head first into writing and have been doing so ever since. Though now I have cable.
I’m currently working on a Pscyhological Thriller series, Blood for Blood. Introducing the series is a novella, Blood in the Past, due out this Spring. I’m also tinkering with a serialized novel about life in a cult. You can find me on Facebook ( and Twitter ( Also, you can sign up for exact release dates, special deals, and future events here

When did you fall in love with reading?

When I was a young girl, my Italian-immigrant grandmother basically raised me. She was very strict with what I could and couldn’t watch on TV, what movies I could see, what music I could listen to. All that was fine with me though because I had a library card.

What is your favorite genre?

I gravitate toward all types of thrillers, but recently I’ve been branching out into YA, historical fiction, fantasy, and paranormal. Still no romance though. I’m just not a mushy girl, what can I say.

How do you choose the books you read/review?

I download books like other girls buy shoes! I browse through the lists on my Kindle and if a cover jumps out at me, I stop. I read the blurb. If it grabs me, I take a look at the reviews. If generally well-received and it’s not a million dollars, I buy it. And that’s how I ended up with almost 700 books on my Kindle…

Do you remember your first (favorite) paperback book?

Yes, it was Black Beauty. Not to be confused with the first book I ever read, Arabian Nights. Other kids started out with Doctor Seuss and graduated to Goosebumps. I STARTED out with Arabian Nights and graduated to Robin Cook and Stephen King, haha.

Do you remember the first e-book you purchased?

I purchased the Hunger Games trilogy and the Millenium Series (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

When reading, what types of characters do you find yourself relating to more than others?

Bad-ass women. Strong physically and mentally. Like I said, I’m not a mushy girl.

Are there books that you find yourself revisiting? (Either in your mind or literally picking up the book to reread it again and again).

I’ve never reread a book in my life. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. As for revisiting in my mind, I’m often haunted by horrific scenes. Abuse, rape, senseless murder of children, etc. Not always, but sometimes.

Do you ever find yourself more connected with the darker

characters/antagonists in the books you read?

Always! That’s actually the reason I started my own books. I read quite a few crime thrillers and was sick of reading from the detectives’ point of view. So I wrote from the killer’s point of view. And they’re my favorite scenes to write.

Who is your all time favorite antagonist?

Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes stories. Hands down. Recently though, I really loved the chick in Gone Girl. Talk about ruthless!

If you could introduce two characters from two different books you have read, who would they be and why?

Tris from Divergent and Katniss from the Hunger Games. They would be so kick-ass together!

What is your favorite movie adaptation of a book?

Okay, don’t judge me, but I actually loved the American version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I’m wincing in anticipation of the backlash, haha.

What books have most inspired you to write, evolve and pursue writing your own novels?

I’m inspired by everything I read. The good, the bad, and the mediocre. Everyone has something to offer. Their dialogue, their description, their action verbs, their pace. I know that’s sort of a Miss America answer, but that’s how I feel.

I read an amazing quote, recently: “I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We’ve been taught that silence would save us, but it won’t.” ~Audre Lorde — if you had to put your love of reading into words, what would you say?

Nothing so poignant, haha. No, seriously, I would say that stories have been around since cave drawings. To record history, to inspire, to teach, and to take the reader away from themselves. Because of this, I’m forever humbled by the written word.

Have you ever read a scene so powerful, that it stuck with you for hours, days, weeks, even months?

Yes. The rape/torture scene in Girl with Dragon Tattoo was awful, but in a well-written way. It was so awful that when I watched the movie, I fast-forwarded through it, because I had already seen it in my mind many times.
Great interview, awesome having you, Jordanna.
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  1. annagain said:

    Good interview! I always gravitate toward Fiction in the book store. (I’m not too much of a “romantic” girl either.)

    Visiting from VoiceBoks :->


  2. Theresa said:

    Great interview! I love reading as well and this year have decided to branch out in genres. My niece has gotten me into more YA books that I have really enjoyed. The latest being The White Rabbit Chronicles. I’m not much of a romance reader either, but I do love a good Nicholas Sparks novel too!

  3. Thank you for sharing Jordanna with us. I am currently reading a very strange book called “Veiled Eyes”, it won’t make my cut for reviewing it. The main drawback that I find annoying is this book started off very confusing and I was lost until I got into the meat of the book.

    I look forward to learning about about Jordanna’s books. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks so much, Christy

      Wow!!! Sounds really interesting …
      The writer will definitely benefit from your advice/opinion on the beginning

  4. I love thrillers and starting to love paranormal too.
    “…I read quite a few crime thrillers and was sick of reading from the detectives’ point of view. So I wrote from the killer’s point of view.” I hear ya Jordanna, you sound like my kind of Author!
    Great interview!

    • Thanks so much, Sherry.
      And thank you to Ms Jordanna East

  5. Thanks for hosting me, Rhonda! Any thank you to all that
    Liked and Commented on this post. Xoxo

  6. You do such great interviews! Your questions are very unique and thoughtful…such a treat! I love history, so historical fiction is one of my favs:) Great to meet Jordanna!

    • Historical fiction? Awesome …
      You’re so kind! Thanks so much!

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