Where were you chronicles: Nadia


Where were you chronicles: Nadia

You ready for this?” Ray asked as he and Nadia stood waiting in line at a restaurant downtown.

I think so,” Nadia said smoothing her dress.

You look fine,” Ray said watching the door as he waited for Christian.

I’m just nervous. You and him have been talking. I’ll be new to him. And what if, what if he asks whose idea it was?”

Here he comes. Calm down,” Ray said placing his hand in the center of Nadia’s back.

Christian forced a smile as he and Cassady joined Ray and Nadia in line. “I never been here, before. Looks sadity. Like her,” Cassady said eying the lovely restaurant, then smiling at Nadia.

Nadia eyed Cassady. Am I the only one who heard this, she wondered.

Hi.” Nadia held out her hand stiffly to Christian’s younger sister.

She tried not to ignore Cassady, but she could hardly take her eyes off of him. Christian nodded his head and forced a smile. Nadia wanted to run to the restroom and cry; he was beautiful. Her son was absolutely beautiful.

Where were you?



by Donesha Thompson

Her heart races at the speed of light with the strength of 200 horses combined. She looks over the heads of witnesses finding their presence irrelevant to the occasion. Mind is blown, like that of a dandelion in a summer storm being chased by sand’s fury. She is faced with the light of her like, but the doom of her past decision. Reconcile, reconcile, reconcile…

How silly she feels, but this is the perfect moment in an imperfect world. She has gathered her pieces together before they scattered away and she’s nothing left. Nothing can describe to her, no one can erase for her the beauty she saw and felt from the eyes of the soul, and the thump in her chest. Tomorrow does not have to come to her, tomorrow means he could be elsewhere. She wants to live where time stood still to reconcile, to reconcile, may he let her share his world.

  1. sano2pop said:

    How exciting for Nadia!

    • Haha!! Thanks for stopping by, Leigh. You made me smile, there!!

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