“Roses from Stones”

Donesha’s book, Roses from Stones, is now available on Amazon.

Today, I hope you will enjoy two new excerpts and one you may recognize.  Please be sure to purchase this beautiful book of poetry!

Roses From Stones

Roses from Stones is a compilation of poetry experiments that can challenge its reader to take a closer look at oneself. Roses from Stones is the epitome of expression in someone trying to outgrow and resign their own personal demons. These personal demons can be anything from physical ailments, handling relationships and juggling imperfections. The idea of this experiment is to motivate individuals to rise above adversity, to be confident, and to face whatever challenges present and passed.


The Artist:

Earth tone yellow and orange, filling my heart; brown and red sifting through the art.

My stainless thoughts wrapped strategically in the swirls …”


Roses from Stones:

“Fingers to pen, pen to page

She will banish all lies made of empty; she has become bare from chains of rage

Sweet roses from stone, melodies from rain …”


A More Weakened Me:

” .. Just as crippling as dark and blinding night

Can’t move two feet ahead without feeling held back

Like a two edged sword piercing the depths of my heart

I am bleeding in large sums of disappointment …”


Buy Roses from Stones

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