“Where were you Chronicles”



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In Where were you?, the first book of the Fountains series, you will get to know nineteen year old Christian Zane: a heavyhearted young man, who is slowly becoming unglued.

His home life is anything but orthodox; riddled with drugs, and an ominous feeling that what is left of his world will soon come crashing down upon him. In an instance, Christian’s life becomes more shrouded in confusion than ever before… he is face to face with his birth parents.


Chapter 1


Christian’s doe-shaped eyes followed a shadow just beneath the front door of the apartment. He watched as the shadow tarried several seconds too long, then scattered. His heartbeat quickened.

“Keep going – don’t stop here — keep walking,” he whispered.

Christian, nineteen years old, with fawn colored skin and unkempt chin-length dreadlocks, sat up and rubbed the sweat from the palms of his hands. Just under six feet tall, and slightly underweight, he stood nervously, then sat back down. He listened intensely as shoes scraped the pavement near the door.

Wrong apartment. They’re at the wrong apartment.This was nothing like the other times his home had been invaded, he thought.

One year earlier, Christian  returned home from work to find his adoptive mother, Sadie, crying in the laundry room.

“They took it. All of it. They took everything,” she sobbed. “And, Christian, they’re coming back. We have to move. We gotta get out of here. They’ll be back and they will kill me.”

The family had been burglarized in broad daylight, by so-called friends of the family. Friends who had come to collect the money owed to them by any means necessary. And Sadie would do what she had learned to do best; she would uproot her family and start a new, even more dysfunctional life. It seemed that every year, Sadie’s drug use increased. Money became tighter. Cassady became more unruly. Desi and Persia asked more questions.

Christian stood from the couch and told himself to take several deep breaths. He went to get his youngest sister, Desi, out of the bathtub. He sifted quickly through his sisters’ broken-down dresser until he found a nightgown — there it was again, the scraping of sneakers on the pavement. Someone was out there. He could sense it. He had to move fast.

“Cassady, go get Desi out of the bath,” said Christian as he listened to low murmurs outside of the window in the front room.

His feet seemed to sink deep into the old, stained carpet as he stood frozen. 

  1. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!! I actually love when authors can make me want MORE!

  2. Gina said:

    Agreed, cannot wait to read more. I wish I could write short stories…

  3. Cynthia said:

    I will have to revisit to finish reading…my 2 year old is in an extra playful mood tonight…

  4. Donesha said:

    This is so awesome!! Might I say that I did finish “Where Were You” and I was so delighted with the book. I fell in love with all of the characters of the book. The characters reminded me of aunts, brothers, nephews and friends. I was intrigued by all of the characters. Thanks Rhonda for breathing such life into this book and its characters!!!! It was a pleasurable read for me.

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