Treasures – Breast Cancer Awareness



Donesha Thompson&RH Ramsey

When young, I waited for my treasures: my crowning glory – my body’s miraculous rite of passage – key to womanhood –
I’d examine them in the mirror, non-existent, hidden under a sweatshirt with a hood

I watched them scrupulously
I wondered what they would be …

Tiny diamond tear drops – like the older girls at school? Mangos – like those of my older sisters? Mountains majestic, like those of the women on my mother’s side of the family?
Anxiously, I waited, and it seemed that overnight, like two gifts, they came to be

I finally had them, and for awhile, I walked with my head held high.
And soon, I giggled as my little sisters and their friends poked out their chests and waited for their own buds to form and rise

Years passed …

Wedding gowns …

Miracles were born …

Appointments missed

Family came first …
And suddenly, these treasures were no longer treasures – these lumps – were my curse

It couldn’t be more real…but I refuse to accept this – aimless – I am walking into my own destiny..resenting it with every fading piece of me. Why me? Why a lump? A cut? An incision? Excision?

No happiness lives here…his face is blank, and already, my face has disapeared into history..a procedure does not calm or ease the hurricane casting down on my home -my family

I have already begun to be yanked from the arms of my loved ones, who have no idea…

When our hearts meet, their spirits will cry for me in the wee hours of the night…

This is a kill shot of agony thru the depths of my soul..

For how can I reason with such a serial killer?

My despair has caused me to forget the fighter and winner – the conqueror that I am…

I can’t let the enemy win…my flesh may be dying but my energy and hunger for survival will not…

it is with my children and those who will never cast me out of memory..I will live on and I am strong…

No serial killer, no hurricane, no more of me will fade; let me enjoy these moments; let the sunlight dance upon me

I am majestic, a diamond, a rose, a treasure … I will live on

  1. Andrea said:

    This is absolutely beautiful! God Bless!

    • randomramsey said:

      We really appreciate that. Thank you. Bless you

  2. I am very touched with every breast cancer recovery story. People overcoming this illness and them sharing how they did it is very inspiring. It goes to show that we can conquer anything, no illness, no mountain can stop us from living life. My family has a history of cancer, so spreading awareness for all types is a great cause and touches me so.

    • randomramsey said:

      Donesha and I are so very touched as well. We’ve seen cancer in so many forms, like a serial killer (as Donesha said) take loved ones away. So although we cannot do as much as we’d like, to write and express and give a voice to something so many people are touched by, is a blessing. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Rosey said:

    I’ve seen a lot of advocates for breast cancer (yay!), and many of them have had me shaking my head and saying, yeah, I need to do that…get checked, it’s been awhile. A long while. But this one is touching and has compelled me to pick up the phone and make the appointment. I don’t want to take any unnecessary risk when it comes to not being with my children, and of course by not getting checked, I am. Many thanks!

    • randomramsey said:

      Thank you so much, Rosey. (Isn’t is something the way time flies and we forget to take care?) Wow. We wish you the best

  4. Best of luck to you – my mother is in her 5th year post breast cancer. Cheers!

  5. Rams said:

    These words of encouragement shouls be openly welcomed to any women or family member that has been affected by breast cancer. Allow this poem to sow a seed of perseverance, strength, and faith knowing that God is by your side. I pray that those that receive these words be blessed beyond measure and that with God’s guidance you will reach the miraculous end to your journey where God’s love will shine upon you like warm rays from the sun! Remember those affected and take time to love,hug and cherish their presence and battle! Amen!!..

  6. rsrote said:

    wonderful–My Aunt is 2years cancer free now–I’m passing it along to her.

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