So peaceful…

 So beautiful…

 I can envision myself, feel and smell the slices of heaven below…

But lately, I realize I do not appreciate what I have beyond my daydreams and admiration from afar…


This month, Donesha and I will take a moment to reflect, appreciate and love this beautiful Earth we have been blessed with …

Here is an excerpt from Donesha’s poem, which we will post Monday morning:


Radiate me oh pleasant One
Nourish me with your gentleness

It gives me such joy to surround myself with what you have sowed

My eyes, they gaze over flats of Dutch Amaryllas, Alpinias and Birds of Paradise

So peaceful they are

For my eyes, you have put them there, why else would they exist?

Take a look and imagine our lives without this: 

 more nature



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