Inside the mind of the character ‘Bobby’: “I warned her..”

Inside the mind of the character ‘Bobby’, of Just Beneath the Surface I

I warned her

The first time I saw Diamond, I knew she was special. I felt something — something like electricity — as I watched her fight back tears and help me clean up the mess she made after bumping into me. 

 Ashamed, timid and insecure was she, and I think I frightened her. But once we connected, we were one. She understood me, I understood her. I explained who I am, what I am about and the way I love — I love with everything I have. She told me that that was what she wanted. I warned her that this was no game and she assured me — she promised me forever.  Now she makes me feel like I’m wrong — like I’m a bad person? How else does she expect me to act?


Things are changing…


Things only change when you let them. I don’t believe her when she says it’s over — I believe she needs me, the same way I need her. I know her better than she knows herself.  What could she know? She’s only seventeen.


She promised me

She promised me that what we had was real. And for awhile, everything was perfect. But slowly, things are changing. Her father — he’s strict and protective — he’s ruining everything. It’s making me  crazy. I’m going out of my mind, I can’t think. I have to know where she is. I have to know who she’s with. I have to be with her. I have to have her. If I don’t, I lose her. I can’t lose Diamond. And I don’t care what people think anymore — call me crazy — I don’t care, I’ve heard it before.

I’m watching her

Even when she doesn’t know it.

She doesn’t look at me the same way. She doesn’t call me as often, but I know it’s a phase. She’s young, she doesn’t know what she wants, right?

So I don’t care if she avoids me. It doesn’t matter if she makes up reasons to be apart from me. It doesn’t matter because I’m watching her. I will have her.  I will make her fall in love with me, again. Where she goes,  I will go; I wont let her go.


What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know I love you?

Enough is enough. Just let me love you. You wouldn’t need anyone else — no friends, no family, just us.  I’d be everything you need. Instead, you push me away.

I question everyone around you. Everyone you talk to. Why won’t you laugh with me that way? Look at me how you used to. Be with me like before. But no, you won’t. You act as though you don’t know me. You make me do this the hard way. You make me wanna grab you and shake you. You make me want to show you a side of me few have ever seen.










 Face to face


We’re finally face to face. You thought you’d escaped me? I don’t mean to scare you — it’s almost like the first time we met — when I frightened you. It brings back memories. I guess we frighten eachother, Diamond, because you scare me, too.
You don’t care? You don’t want me anymore? You don’t need me? I didn’t mean anything? You moved on? Just be friends?
I can hardly see straight. You’ve said it before, but this time the look in your eyes makes me — makes me so — you make me crazy with the games!
You scream. I cover your mouth. I kiss you. You push me. Stop pushing me away! You scream and cry out that you hate me — you don’t mean it. I see through you. I know you in a way no one else does.

 I hear them banging on the doors – can’t they leave us alone? Tell them. Tell them you’re okay. Tell them we’re okay. 


                          Tell them!       

Wait … are those …                     



Just Beneath the Surface I


  1. Donesha said:

    Bobby is so creepy. I wanted him to be so different.

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