In an interview with As the pages turn, I enjoyed the opportunity to share more about Just Beneath the Surface I. Here is a peek:
Q: Can you tell us a little about your main and supporting characters?

In the novel, the two main characters are Kendall, and her daughter Diamond.

Kendall is a loving mother of two, who leaves a somewhat rocky relationship after fourteen years. She finds herself involved with a shy, quiet man who becomes very unpredictable and abusive. As the story unfolds, Kendall’s confidence and warmth diminish, and Kendall gradually loses herself in fear.

Diamond is an insecure teenager, who is not handling her parents’ separation very well. Her father becomes distracted and distant, her mother is nurturing her new relationship, and Diamond is stumbling along and seeking the wrong type of attention from males.

Michael is one of the supporting characters; he is the man Kendall has been with for fourteen years, and early in the book, readers may find him a bit difficult to tolerate. He is insensitive, immature, and impossible to communicate with.

In the beginning of Kendall’s new marriage, Michael appears to be completely opposite her new husband. (I will not give too much away, as the man Kendall marries is meant to be a ‘surprise’). She is drawn to the calmness, and sensitivity that the new man in her life seems to possess. He is not what he seems.

As The Pages Turn

Rhonda Ramsey is a prolific new author who enjoys breathing passion and life into each and every character she creates. She is an avid writer with eleven completed novels, four novels near completion, and five short stories. She is also a military wife, mother of two, and student.

Over the course of seven years, Rhonda has diligently researched topics ranging from but not limited to; relationships, addiction, abuse, and mental illness. With a passion for people, helping, and learning, Rhonda’s zeal for inspiring others through her writing has also expanded to freelance writing and blogging; as she has her own blog, and enjoys contributing to other websites as well. She hopes to continue in her quest of inspiring others as well as learning from everyone she meets.

Her latest book is Just Beneath the Surface I.

Q: Thank you for this interview, Rhonda. Can you tell us what your…

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