In case you missed it…

Hello all,

In case you missed the first few interviews and guest posts, I will post them here —  please feel free to share your journey, goals, and milestones!

Here is a link to the interview with The Author’s Show:

In an interview with Beyond the Books, I discussed my personal expectations, my ideas about self-publishing, and much more. Take a look!

At, I had the opportunity to share a bit about myself, the characters in Just Beneath the Surface I, excerpts, and more. Here is the link:

I enjoyed sharing the story and inspiration behind Just Beneath the Surface I in an interview with The Story Behind the Book.

A great interview about my personal insecurities, what I am working on now, my writing rituals, and more:

The type of interview that really allowed me to share some interesting facts about Just Beneath the Surface I. In this interview, we also discuss self-publishing, my challenges, and my favorite place to write!

An interview about the messages I convey, my favorite chapter in Just Beneath the Surface I, and fun questions that made me scratch my head and smile.

The Just Beneath the Surface I summary is available on the Goals and more page, and I will also add it below. Thanks for reading/following! Stay tuned!

When Kendall Berkely takes a look in the mirror, she not only desperately wants to run away from the stranger staring back at her; but she also knows that her days are numbered. She can feel it in her bones, and has the bruises to prove it. To make matters worse, Kendall will soon discover that her seventeen year old daughter, Diamond is on a path nearly just as dangerous.

After the demise of the family unit she once knew, a distracted mother, and being forced to accept a new stepfather, Diamond finds herself knee deep in a multitude of mistakes. When Diamond finds herself more lonely than ever before she crosses paths with Bobby Lidell; a teacher’s aide with a dark side. Just as Diamond realizes that she is in over her head, her mother and father have already been notified, and will do everything in their power to protect her.

But what is lurking in the shadows will not stop until a vow has been kept; what is lurking just beneath the surface will come seeking revenge.

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