Please take a look at the story behind my book, Just Beneath the Surface!

The Story Behind the Book

The Story Behind Just Beneath the Surface

By R.H. Ramsey

Just Beneath the Surface I was inspired by several things. I will start with the first inspiration; women who are involved in, or have ever experienced abusive relationships. At the time of writing this book, I noticed that many people empathized with those who were being abused, but I also noticed that many people were harsh.

I noticed many were judging the woman who chose not to leave; assuming that she was weak, or saying that she deserved to suffer if she was not ‘smart’ enough to leave. The things being said were very sad, and bothered me. But the fact that those ideas were a misunderstanding inspired me. If I could change just one point of view, I thought to myself. And that’s when I decided to create the first main character; a strong, confident woman named Kendall…

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