10 Good Grammar Resources

Do you struggle with grammar? Here are ten good grammar resources that will help you learn and master the rules of the English language to improve your writing.

via 10 Good Grammar Resources.

I really do learn something new every day – I look forward to it! I have a long way to go as far as ‘conquering’ every grammar rule there is to know. If anyone else feels the same, here is a quick post that lists some great sites to bookmark. Enjoy 🙂

  1. Danita J. said:

    Rhonda, I am so amazed at this talent that you finally desided to share with everyone. You are definately an inspiring individual. As many years as I’ve known you, you never seize to amaze me. The way that you write you are able to put people in charecter that makes the reader believe that this is someone they know. You are such a humble you lady, and I think that is why you are blessed with this talent to connect to others in ways that many cannot. Have you really just taken a moment to look at how you are able to connect with people that you have not even met. Believe me girl, you were placed in this position of an incredible AUTHOR, for a reason. God gave you this opportunity! I have not finished “Beneath the Surface”, but I do find it amazing on how accomplished you are. When you first told me that you write, I was thinking short novels. Then, I finally purchased this novel that you wrote and was amazed at the length, time, and amazing work. Wow. You are truely an amazing women. Believe this and you should know. Thought I would share my opinion with you. I love you.

    Danita B./J.

    • Thank you so much. I don’t even know what else to say – I just really really appreciate you for saying that. I really appreciate your support. Love you!!!!!!!

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