You are not Afraid


You are not afraid

a poem by Donesha T


 I enjoyed watching you hold something so special and leaving yourself as if you had drifted away in a summer breeze.

 You had nothing to say, and all you did was try best to hold your excitement in, for fear that you may lose your mind.

 You could not imagine that in a split second, you would find yourself loving something more than you loved yourself. Of course, you always found it hard to do so; your ego was what kept you on your toes all this time.

 Your eyes began to glisten as you realized the time had come to leave the elementary stages behind, and find a better you; not for you, but for them.

 You are not afraid to be gentle in the wee hours of the night to deliver comfort when no one else in the world is there — just you and your little creation, cuddled and finding peace.

 You are not afraid to talk a different type of talk, contradicting your masculinity, because they humble you.

 You are so proud as you watch the progression in such profound phases; nothing else in the world matters.

 You don’t realize yet that this is what true men live for: their legacy, and the lessons in life they have passed on. Not the material gain or remnants of heir-looms, but the time and grace of what passes on generation after generation.

 You are not afraid to carry the things necessary to keep your joy clean and fed, over your shoulder, close to your heart…some would feel ashamed, or ask others to do so, but not you. You are not afraid.

 Neither are you afraid to confront, nor dismiss your authoritative voice, because you know how to set things straight with a a gentle nudge.

 The things you let go are miniscule, but the things you explore mean something.

 You are not afraid to admit when you are wrong, and go up to bat to make things right.

 Oh what a man you are!  We need more men like you; you are what true men are made of.

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