Four days…

Four days of ‘Read an Ebook Week’ left!

My novel Just Beneath the Surface I is currently half price; many other novels are discounted and or free as well. Visit at for coupon codes and details. Please don’t miss out!

Just Beneath the Surface I:
As I swam across the swimming pool, I suddenly found myself being thrust violently under water. I felt as though I was in the water with an eerily familiar beast and began slapping and fighting the water to no avail. My ex-husband shoved me back down under water for several seconds. He brought me back to the surface as I heaved and gasped for air. I could hardly see his face but his grip was unmistakable.

Suddenly the torture stopped. I stared back at him exhaustedly. Was this it for me? Had he finally come back for revenge? To end my life as he had promised? After glaring into my eyes silently for several seconds, he grabbed me by my hair, and dragged me back to the house.”

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