Love last?

He’s so beautiful so rare and so true. He tells me daily without fail…those three words that penetrate and make it all okay. I want to say those words more often. I need to say them more. We must remember to cherish the gift of love.

 How many of us could say or do more? But you’re busy. Or you’re tired. Or you’re angry. Or you’re holding back out of spite.

Love is not a trend or a habit or a game. It’s more than an engagement party, bridal shower, or wedding. Love is like breathing-God blessed us with life so we take breaths and live without thinking about it. We love in the same way-it just happens; like breathing.

People crave love before they can even understand why they’re so off balance don’t they? Think about it. Love keeps us connected. Look at the elderly couple; married for fifty years, the wife passes away, and soon after, the husband takes his last breath and joins her. Look at infants who slip away or become lost souls; because we crave love. People need to feel like someone is connected to them.

When we find love, it’s like finding something that we never knew was missing; but it grows to be a part of us. But for love to be so vital and such a blessing, we get it and we stop cherishing. We stop saying…stop doing…stop.

After the wedding. After the parties. After the honeymoon…there’s love. Lets not put love last when it gets challenging. Love shouldn’t come last when we see something that seems ‘better’. Love shouldn’t come last when we know what to expect, expect it, and take it without acknowledging.

I’ve seen what love can do. I understand why we crave it. God gave us love for a reason; to share. So I have questions. Are you craving love? Does it consume you? Do you crave love then God? Or God then love? What did you do with love the last time you had it? If you have love, do you make it clear that you appreciate it?

I’d like to make it clear that I more than appreciate it.

  1. CTorres said:

    Most Important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.
    1Peter 4:8 NLT

  2. With that perspective in tact my child… will go far. You have been clearly gripped by the wisdom of God.

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