love: a husbands perspective…

“God and Love……the two things that should totally engulf our lives; our purpose for life and existence! We all get caught up in daily routines and the unexpected,but our safety net is returning to our loved ones; where we’re safe from distractions, calamity, and all of the negativity in the world today.

 Away from superficial and artificial friends. Back to realism. Our homes should be a safe haven; filled with God’s presence and love. Ready to welcome us in like returning from being out in a snowstorm. Enveloping us with warmth,safety, and security.

We should all consistently practice and make it a priority to focus on our loved ones. Ensuring that they not only know we love them, but also feel the love with GOD being the origin; the foundation.

I’m truly blessed for the loved ones in my life and cherish them daily. I love hard and strive to love harder daily.. Ensuring that my safe haven will indeed remain in tact for GOD, my wife, and my children!.. I’m truly thankful for the blessing of family.”


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  1. Very beautiful and powerful words. Oh God… much richer our society would be with more men like you…..allowing God to fill your heart so much that it is evident that in you it is HIM. Your home is wholesome and all in it are annointed Powerful….leader….man of God!!!!!!

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